Tony Franklin -The FRETLESS MONSTER. Fretless bassist with The Firm, Blue Murder, Whitesnake, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, etc. Writer, performer, clinician, public speaker, session ace. Healthy dude, truth seeker.


What It Takes To Be a Professional Musician 

I'm in the midst of preparations for the Nancy Wilson Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp. There are a lot of songs and material to revise and learn. It's often assumed that because I'm a "professional" musician, that I can just show up, I already know the music, and it's easy for me. Nope! There's a big difference between hearing a piece of music and knowing it! I put in the time, rehearse, prepare and anticipate the needs of each gig or situation. To me, being a professional means working hard - to make it look easy! ?

Why I'm transitioning away from Veganism 

After 6 years of eating a vegan diet, I finally added some fish, eggs and goat whey protein to my diet. My approach to diet and lifestyle has always been one of awareness and common sense, with the goal of creating optimal health and vitality. I have a family history of weak bones, and was starting to notice that I may have signs of that. After consulting with some holistic experts in the field, I (reluctantly I must add!) started to make changes. It was a journey, but after a month, I now am feeling the benefits. My hair is thicker, nails are stronger, skin is clearer, I feel calmer and stronger. It has benefited my playing too! I love and respect the vegan diet and lifestyle, and originally transitioned to it because fish, chicken, eggs and dairy no longer sat well with me. But as I said, my approach to diet and lifestyle has always been one of awareness and common sense. And I'd like to be healthy and strong for many years to come!! And so the journey continues…