• Which songs does Tony play on each bass?

You can choose between a wide selection of classic songs from Tony's history including "Radioactive", "Satisfaction Guaranteed", "Valley Of The Kings", "Jelly Roll" and many others. For a full song list with each bass, click here. If your song of choice is NOT on the list, please send a message here before ordering, and Tony will let you know if he's able to play the song. (Extra charges may apply as some songs take a while to practice to get up to performance standard).

Is International shipping available?

Unfortunately we are unable to ship overseas at this point. U.S. orders only. 

What will I receive?

You will receive:

• a unique personalized video (through email) of Tony playing the song you requested, on the bass you requested. (He will also play a one-off jam in addition to the song).
• the strings Tony used in the video, in the original packaging, which Tony will sign.
• a unique picture of Tony, taken during the recording of your song, personally autographed.  

Why DR Sunbeams?

Sunbeams have been Tony's string of choice for over 25 years, both on his fretless and fretted basses. Find out more about the Sunbeams here.

What gauge are the strings?

45 - 105

Will the strings fit my bass?

They should, as they will not be trimmed from their original size. Tony will play them with extra windings on his bass. For further specs and info check out the DR Sunbeams specs page here

Why mojo-infused?

Imagine owning the strings that Tony recorded "Radioactive" on in 1984, on his Fretless Precision Bass. Those original strings are long gone, but this is the next best thing. With the combination of Tony's DNA and playing style, the rich history of each bass, and the classic songs that were played on them, the strings are full of good mojo!